Rams Fax – Satisfied

When I’m approached to help create a music video I always hold a little hope that the artist who hired me lets me have 100% control. Well on this Satisfied project I did have pretty much 100% control.
My thoughts on making this video where to take elements of video funk and create video “doodle” effects manipulating the raw footage in such a way that it shows the personality of Rams.
Took me 6 months to fine-tune the effects, melding in chaos via fractals with the rhythm of the song. Every piece of footage is uniquely treated so that no two scenes are alike.
I truly believe by retaining as much control over the outcome as I did I was able to evolve as a visual artist. Props to the production company and Rams for allowing me so much freedom, so much trust.
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Markus Schulz – Prague ’11

With the ’09 and ’10 installments having focused on new dance republics in North America, 2011 sees Markus Schulz’s city-hopping compilation series make its return to mainland Europe. Last visiting in 2008 with ‘Amsterdam’, this new outing sends the series in the opposite direction and homes in on one of Eastern Europe’s most awe-inspiring capitals.


Markus Schulz Interview

Four days before Markus was supposed to be in Ottawa I came up with a great idea to interview Markus before his show. Club contact, Interviewer set, questions submitted to Markus, everything a go.
As the night went on things started falling apart. Original interviewer, Lexxy, was not able to make it, and she so badly wanted to do the interview. Luckily I had contacted Anne and found out she was in Ottawa that night, she war bar tending, but she was here. Then through reading Markus’s twitter updates we found out his flight to Ottawa from Montreal was delayed. Only a two hour drive by car.
Markus did end up making it to Ottawa for his show, started way late, but here! But no pre-show interview for me. At around 2am Anne showed up, we quickly went over the interview questions, and then made our way back stage to snag Markus before he rushed off to Toronto for the Labor of Love.
We were given five mins to interview Markus, so we pretty much just ran into the green room sat down and started. I was shoved in a corner and couldn’t really move the whole time. So what you see here is uncut raw footage. Gorilla style with all the mistakes, camera shakes and all.
Markus was amazing to let us do this, and Anne was also great despite doing this last minute.