Macro Nation

Just added 17 new macros to my massive collection of macro pictures. I’ll never grow bored shooting tiny objects. I just love the stories these objects hold. Some stories they hold secret. Others are known by me. Such as this story.

When I was 10 years old, the year my Mother died, she took me to a craft show here in Ottawa. I remember it was a hot sunny Summer day. I had my allowance to spend on anything I wanted. I bought home made fudge and a small glass blown figurine. The kind of glass figurine that made in front of you.
When I got home I accidentally dropped it and it smashed to bits. As a 10 year old who just spent his last few dollars I was devastated.
The next day when my Mother came home, her last time home, she gave me this new glass figurine you see here.
A few months later she died, and I swear this is the truth, I’ve dropped this little guy at least half a dozen times and it’s still together.
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Hardback Book Pinhole Camera

Via Etsy

This one of a kind handmade pinhole camera is designed and crafted from an upcycled vintage hardback book, “The Man of the Forest” from 1920. This unique camera has a magnetic shutter crafted from wood and leather and is finished off with beautiful ebony and pearl knobs.

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