Precious Rocks

Precious Rocks

While going through some old boxes my friend had in storage I found these pieces of rocks and glass. They were originally going to be used for jewelry but I guess they fell by the side.

Please click HERE to view the full set.

Collectors! If you live in the Ottawa, Canada area I’m giving away the collection.  You can see it HERE.

Michea Crawford Interview

Michea Crawford Ottawa Citizen Interview

Back in 2003 when I first worked with Michea everyone involved just knew she had that fun and intense spark of style the fashion world so desperately searches for. If your a photographer, search Michea out. To see her working in front of the camera is to know that Michea Crawford is going to make her mark in the modelling world.
And now it looks like my home town is starting to pay some attention to Michea. While she was home from New York for the holidays, she sat down and chatted with Tony Lofaro about her career.
You can read the entire interview HERE as well as see a little photo shoot she did with the photographer.
For a really good idea of her work through the years check out the thread over at the Bellazon Forum HERE.

Rams Fax – Satisfied

When I’m approached to help create a music video I always hold a little hope that the artist who hired me lets me have 100% control. Well on this Satisfied project I did have pretty much 100% control.
My thoughts on making this video where to take elements of video funk and create video “doodle” effects manipulating the raw footage in such a way that it shows the personality of Rams.
Took me 6 months to fine-tune the effects, melding in chaos via fractals with the rhythm of the song. Every piece of footage is uniquely treated so that no two scenes are alike.
I truly believe by retaining as much control over the outcome as I did I was able to evolve as a visual artist. Props to the production company and Rams for allowing me so much freedom, so much trust.
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