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The Last Gift

On April 17, 2010 a good friend of mine, Forrest Greene, called me up with an idea. A simple yet potentially powerful idea. Jesus on the cross as a woman.

I jumped online to do a little research to see what others have done with this idea. We where surprised to find that there are not much out there. Back in 2010 there where a few playboy style female Jesus pictures with fake plastic chains and fake breasted women.

Immediately we knew we had to follow through with this idea. Over the next five months we planned and prepped all the details. Yet one detail that was locked in right from the start! Who was going to be the female Jesus? Her name is Raquel Nevado. I’d been working with Raquel for the past year and new immediately she was perfect for it. Raquel was Spanish born with a strict Christian upbringing.

After receiving the final prop, an authentic replica of the Crown of Thorns Jesus wore, which you can buy on Amazon for $30 from Holy Land Imports, we where ready to go.

After the shoot I began casually working on the pictures. They where pretty cool but we wanted to make sure we picked the exact right one before moving on.

In March of 2011 Forrest died. Apart from this life blow now dealt to me, I knew the female Jesus picture would need to be worked on and released.

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Mastrixx Mixxes

The location for this shoot has to be one of my favorites, and quite possibly the reason why this series turned out to be so stylistic. Well, okay, maybe Lexxy, (Alexandra Rodionova), did have something to do with why the shots look so incredible.
This is one of our famous spontaneous shoots where we just got out from in front of the computer with the goal to create art.
Every once in a while when the shots turn out to have such potential I tend to take my time working on them. Like a fine wine each sip must be savored for all it’s worth. This is why it took me a year and a half to work on the entire set. And the great thing about this shoot is that a hand full of these ended up being full page advertisements for various products!
Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed working on them!
Click HERE to view the whole set.

Extremea – A photoset

This is a fun little shoot I have to share with you today. This shoot is based on a scene in the movie Paranoid Park. I never know what to expect from a Gus Van Sant movie, and this one really held my attention. I saw the movie on a Tuesday. The next day I get a call from a woman who wants to work with me. I told her that I was thinking about trying to bring the scene I saw in the movie into a photo, and she was totally onboard. So that Friday I found myself in bathroom with her in my shower. This looks like an easy shoot, but keep in mind that her eyes are open while under the running water. She did an excellent job helping me achieve my goal. Once we go what we wanted we just goofed around and went on to get some more great shots.
You can view the entire set HERE